Hello to all,
I am attempting to change the right rear axle shaft on my car. I can't seem to get the axle shaft nut loose with impacts or breaker bars. It isn't reverse threaded. Is there something I am missing? Once I do get it off does anyone know the proper torque spec's for the allen bolts at the transaxle and the axle shaft nut (besides tight as all hell).
Eric Johnson
1987 928S4 Auto

The half shaft nuts are both normal thread direction, meaning counter-clockwise to take them off, clockwise for putting them on.  However, they are torqued to well over 250 ft-lb.  The way I have removed mine is the remove the center cap from the wheel, but leave the wheel/tire still mounted on the hub.  Raise the corner you intend to work on three or more inches off the ground.  (Do not raise the other corner off the ground.)  Insert an impact wrench socket onto the nut.  (It should be attached to at least a 1/2 inch breaker bar.)  Rotate the wheel to a position where the breaker bar is hitting the floor at an angle that will cause the bar to move counterclockwise as you lower the car.  Before lowering the car, set the parking brake and put the car in park or in 2nd.  Brace the breaker bar so that it will not fly off as the car is lowered.  Wear safety goggles and stay clear of the bar.  Slowly lower that corner.

If you've done it right, the nut will turn but the wheel will remain fixed.
You only need to do this once, since the greatest amount of force needed occurs at the initial movement.  You could use the same technique when putting the nut back on, just reverse the direction the breaker bar will turn.  YMMV.

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Ed Ruiz



This is from memory as the manuals are at home.  60 ft-lbs for the allens on the diff and 340 ft-lbs on the axle nut.

Jim Komiak

Pretty close for memory, Jim. Actual is 59 lb/ft for the allen bolts on the CV joints and 322 lb/ft for the axle nut.

Wally Plumley
928 Specialists