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Differential Bearing; Differential Carrier Bearing; 50x80x20mm

Product: Differential Bearing
Part #: J7060-23844
Brand: INA, SKF
List Price: $73.67
Prices As Low As: $21.00


Qty Product Part Number Price Total
1992 Porsche 928 32 V Differential Bearing
OSC-SKF-J7060-23844 $22.96 x 2
$45.92 Handling: $0.00 Total: $45.92

SKF Part # 32010X {Differential Bearing #99905902700}

Specificatons SKF: 32010 skf specs.pdf

Specifications FAG:!*32010-X_FAG;bHAwbhhGPjUd?clrsb=1


You may also need the seals: 48-65-10/8:  Differential Oil Seal; Left/Right Output Seal, 48x68x10mm

Possible candidates for replacement (non verified):

911 Trans. sidecover seal(45x68x10-Kaco) [999 113 183 40]
943.397.019.01 Shaft seal 48x68x10
999.113.356.40 seal 48x68x10 from boxster


900.123.043.30 Dichtring A 12 x 15,5

Kaco Drive Axle Seal
Part # APL33-1636761
Application: 1987-2005 Porsche 911
Joint Flange Also Front Differential Rear Differential Drive Axle Seals (48x68x10) (2 Req). Joint Flange Rear Differential Drive Axle Seals (48x68x10) (2 Req).


Pinion bearing:

32210/45 BJ2/QVB022 -- 1310053245

Type Single Row Tapered
Design Units Metric
Bore (inch) 1.7717
Outside Diameter (inch) 3.5433
Overall Width (inch) 0.9744
Load Ratings
Static Axial (lbs)
Static Radial (lbs) 104
Dynamic Axial (lbs)
Dynamic Radial (lbs) 82
Rolling Element
Rated Speed
Grease (rpm) 5300
Oil (rpm) 8000
Operating Temperature (F)
Taper roller bearings, single row



Kegellager van de pinion zijde

SKF 32210-45B-Q-CL7C

The inside diameter of the bearing is 45mm and it has to be CL7C specification. CL7C bearings are designed and manufactured to withstand very high loads.

CL7C specification bearings
SKF tapered roller bearings produced to the CL7C specifications are intended for bearing arrangements supporting heavy axial loads, for example, gearbox pinion bearing arrangements. These bearings, which are mounted with preload, have special friction characteristics, higher running accuracy and higher axial load carrying capacity to provide a constant, accurate mesh.

In contrast to the bearings for general use, CL7C specification bearings can be adjusted to within narrow limits using the frictional torque method, which considerably simplifies the adjustment process.

With CL7C specification bearings there is practically no running-in wear. As a hydrodynamic lubricant film in the roller end/flange contacts is established from the outset, there is virtually no loss of preload and the preload can be maintained at a constant high level throughout operation.

1. Contact Angles
B Steep contact angle
- Standard contact angle (no symbol)

2. Internal Designs
DB Duplex (2) bearings in back-to-back arrangement including spacers for both
DF Duplex (2) bearings face-to-face arrangement including 1 outer ring
J2 Internal design changed to pressed steel cage rolling element guided
X Boundary dimensions according to ISO standards

3. Features
Q Improved friction torque characteristics and raceway geometry

4. Quality
CL7A Standard SKF quality for pinion bearings CL7C Special SKF quality for pinion bearings VQ051 Modified internal geometry for increased permissible misalignment
C... i.e. C220 = axial clearance in paired bearings

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32210/45 BJ2/QCL7CVB017 (J2=gewijzigde stalen kooi , VB017 = gewijzigde afronding op de buitenkant van binnenring of buitenring.)
Bruto 115.94 euro ex btw.
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