Wheels, and Tires


Wheel Size table

Wheel dimensions and replacement options

Wheel interesting links and info

Wheel Polishing

Wheel 17"x7" 55mm offset on front??? 

Wheel 18" rims

Axle nut, and a Poor man's 340 ft lb Torque wrench

Wheel Lug Specs

Wheel Lug lubrication ??

Wheel Lug sequence on Cup 1 wheels

Wheel Lug locks

Wheel Lug removal if broken

Wheel fitting guides

Fitting a new tire with RDK sensors in Rim

Fitting boxter wheels on a 928?

Wheel spacers rear on a 928

How to secure the wheel center-caps

Tire noise or wheel bearing 

Wheel Fitment Calculator

Wheel hub assembly

RDK wheel sensor tool

CUP1 rims of a 1992 GTS


Felgen gutachten 928

Rimm / Wheel weights  docx

Wheel arch liner rear



Wheel Bearing adjustment

Wheel Bearing replacement

Main Axle Bearing replacement

Wheel Bearing (Front) noise

Wheel Bearing (Front) ctn'd

Bearing grease and use of Moly?

Rear wheel bearing orientation

Front wheel bearing


Alignment (see suspension and steering)



Tire Ratings

Tire size and rim calculator

Tire Size Calculator (Program)

Tire recommendation

Tire choice on 18" rims

Porsche "N-rated" Tires

UTQG rating and tire comparison

Vibrations and Tire Balancing

Tire noise or bearing failure ??

Spare tire deflating

Spare tire sizes

Tire Pressure

Tire Pressure sensors and tools

Tire Pressure gauge vs warning system

Tire wear patterns

Sharks in the snow

Winter Tires

Winter tire wheel rim summary

Summer tire wheel rim summary

Tires wheel rims latest summer recommendations




Tire Pressure Control Unit

RDK sensor disable

RDK sensor and tire pressure

RDK and pressurize fitting a new tire

RDK wheel sensor and removal tool

RDK system disabling

RDK ausschalten

RDK sender mounting bracket on 17"Cup wheels

What rims had RDK sensors?


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