Tiresize Calculator (just inch sizes, no TRX)

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Fitting different tires that the original can cause serious speed indicator deviations compared to factory standard.
In the above calculation model, 70,0 km/h on the dial is actually km/h.
Factory standard often introduces a speed deviation. Sometimes  up to 5 or 10 % low !
Best is to check your speed on the dial at 50 / 80 / 100 / 120 km/h and calculate your average offset by comparing this to a GPS. Keep this in mind when choosing a tire size.

Be aware:
- Wider tires need to fit in the fender, under the wheel arch.
- It is possible to get speeding tickets if your speed dial is offset from the actual speed
- Some tire sizes can not be produced (anymore).


Rim width Calculator

This provides the possible rim width of a given tire size.

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Disclaimer: we are not responsible for any fault data or decisions made using this tool. You use this completely and solely at your own risk. Always check with a certified supplier when choosing tires or rims of non-standard sizes.