Fitting the 17 Inch Wheels (Cup Design) to the Vehicle

On the 17” Cup Design wheels, the valve (No. 1) and the locking wheel nut cannot be arranged on the same side (as on previous models).
For correct installation, the valve (No. 1) must face the color-coded stud (No. 2).
Be sure to fit the locking wheel nut to the color-coded stud (Nr. 2).

If required, mark the wheel stud located opposite the valve before removing the wheel.
For stationary balancing of the wheels (with step rings), turn the wheel in such a manner
that the valve points to the bottom. Tighten the wheel in this position. After balancing, mount the wheel to the vehicle in an identical position (valve faces to the bottom / color-coded wheel stud and locking wheel nut located on top).

Important note
Fitting (and tightening) procedures of all other wheel types (16lnch Design 90 etc.) for stationary balancing remain unchanged. This means: Coded stud, valve and locking wheel nut are located on the same side. When tightening, valve must point up (same position as on balancing equipment).
It is recommended to add an extra referenceto the modified assembly in the “Wheel balancing and General notes on fitting tires” chapter.