Tire Ratings

"Treadwear receives a comparative rating based on wear rate of the the tire in field testing following a government specified course. For example, a tire grade of 150 wears 1.5 times longer than a tire graded 100. Actual performance of the tire can vary significantly depending on conditions, driving habits, care, road characteristics, and climate."

Now, here's the treat if you read this far:  forget price, forget the treadwear rating, forget traction, go for complementary colors:


Curt N.

Hi Jonathan,

> Why would anyone choose a W-rated tyre over the recommended Z-rating?
> Suicidal tendencies?

Maybe not,
Q=99 MPH, 160km/h
S=112 MPH, 180km/h
T=118 MPH, 190km/h
U=124 MPH, 200km/h
H=130 MPH, 210km/h
V=149 MPH, 240km/h
Z=149 MPH, 240km/h and over (I think they had to say the "over" part back when this was the highest rating)
W=168 MPH, 270km/h
Y=186 MPH, 300km/h

David Roberts