I am looking to replace the above tires for the rear of the 928 which has 11"x18" wheels. The current tires wore out very quickly, which of the following will last longer and still perform well. I'd prefer something that has a little more sidewall and more tread width, these are the only options I can come up with. Only 1 has a wider tread width, and 2 of them have more sidewall.

Any other choices you maybe aware of or places to look? I used TireRack and SamsClub

295/45WR18 - Goodyear Eagle F1 GS $223 each

295/30YR18 - Kumho ECSTA SPT $177 each

295/35WR18 - Firestone Firehawk Wide Oval $195 each

315/30ZR18 - Michelin Pilot Sport $366 each

295/35ZR18 - BF Goodrich(r) g-Force T/A(r) KD $323 each (Sams Club)


Found on eBay
295/45R18 108V Hankook Ventus ST $129 each

Found at www.spyeng.com

305/60R18 Toyo Proxes ST $142
295/45R18 Toyo Proxes ST $162
295/35ZR18 Toyo Proxes T1S $227

Any thoughts, comments, prior experience?

Sam Woodson



you need to be looking at the profile as well as the width and wheel size.

for an 18x11" wheel tyre sizes are likely to be :-

265/35/18 - a bit narrow for an 11" wheel
maybe a 315/30/18 although that may be pushing the wheel wells a bit.

any thing bigger than a 35 profile tyre is going to make your 928 look like a 4x4.

toyos are good tyres and you should find you can get the T1R which is reputed to be even better than the T1S.


Jon in NZ