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Paul and me... and our cars

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Porsche Germany (euro) parts website (PET in PDF format)This is an updated version that I made  from a recent PET (420) version:


Updated May 2017:





Regretfully the link is down, so here are the files that were available at Porsche:






Porsche USA parts website (PET in PDF format)

Updated Jan 2019: the files that were originally available at Porsche:


928, USA 1978 - 1982.pdf

928, USA 1983 - 1986.pdf

928, USA 1987 - 1991.pdf

928, USA 1992 - 1995.pdf


Updated October 2023: the files that were originally extracted from PET2 update 738:

928 EN PET2 1978-1982 20231024.pdf

928 EN PET2 1983-1986 20231024.pdf

928 EN PET2 1987-1991 20231024.pdf

928 EN PET2 1992-1995 20231024.pdf


928 DE PET2 1978-1982 20231028.PDF

928 DE PET2 1983-1986 20231028.PDF

928 DE PET2 1987-1991 20231028.PDF

928 DE PET2 1992-1995 20231028.PDF


Bosch Parts catalog website:

Sebro Brake discs:

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