Porsche cooling fan power stage repair


Fan Power Stage repair service

The power stage that manages the power for the coolant fans in a 928S4, GT, and GTS is located on the front bumper, very close the the refrigerant filter and high pressure port, so on the passenger side (EU). The power stage part number is 928.618.421.00

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gets signals from the fan controller 928.618.418.00

The Fan controller has the task of taking signals from various sensors and using that to send a signal to the Fan power stage. The power stage has the task to efficiently manage the power that goes to the fans without heating up too much, and sensing that a problem with either fan is sensed and sent back to the fan controller box. The controller box then turns one fan to max to compensate for the (other) failed fan unit.

Well, the system is pretty well made and works perfectly, until it breaks. It turns out that it is not at all easy to identify broken components that make the fan power stage act crazy.

Typical failures are:

  • Total lack of power to turn on the fans (presuming 12v is available on the round connector of the power amp, and ground connection is ok)
  • One fan runs max as soon as the battery is connected
  • Both fans run max as soon as the battery is connected
  • One fan runs max and the other is silent. Sometimes it suddenly runs on both, or the problem moves where the problem reverses (so running fan gets silent and failed fan suddenly runs full power.

We worked for almost two years to find proper solutions to all of the problems that make the fan power stage fail. And we are confident we can now repair these boxes so that the system works reliable again.

The repair consists of finding the broken part, replacing and testing. Since the repair is not a simple "swap-a-component" we need to confirm proper operation by a test drive for a few days. So we only offer a swap service with a core refund. Every repaired power stage is repaired professionally, closed so that water can not enter anymore, new rubber seals placed on the main connector and carries a one year warranty.


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