Transmission, Manual and Clutch



Shifts only in 1st and reverse

Shifter Cup repair

Shifter Cup failure early warning and fix

Shifter sloppy

Oil quality and use of ATF in manual tranny?

Broken leaf spring

Transmission gears for the various models and MY

Transmission repair


Clutch parts view

Clutch Bleeding procedure 

Unable to drop the clutch on a '87

Pulling the Pilot Bearing

1982 clutch change

Clutch problems

Clutch soft and sloppy, not disengaging when cold

Clutch Master and Slave Cylinder  bleeding

Kupplungswechsel Tipps

Kupplingshebel klingeln

Clutch plate adjustment

Clutch replacement

Clutch bearing 1994 style

Bleeder valves

Clutch Master cylinder rebuild


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