I have an 84 5speed(85 transmission) with a clutch problem. When cold, the clutch pedal will 'snap' about half way down, and will stay there.
When depressed fully, it does not seem to be fully disengaged and grinds when trying to engage 1st. When warmed up it is not so pronounced. The pedal will return by itself but the first half of travel seems 'easy', and the shifting is better. There is also a chirping sound that stops with any pressure on the pedal. Any idea what I am facing here? Mechanical issue, hydraulic issue? Any suggestions would be appreciated

Rick Slater
1984 928s 5speed



I am surprised this abnormality is not on the web somewhere. Bleeding will not fix the problem.

What is happening here is an air leak. Air is thinner than brake fluid.
The lower flex hose going from the metal drop tube to the slave cylinder has a minor air leak. When the engine gets warm the fluid expands. As the engine cools the fluid contracts some air gets sucked in. As this happens air being lighter than fluid bubbles up to the clutch master making it appear to need bleeding.

You can temporarily cure the problem by bleeding the clutch by disconnecting the slave from the bell housing and then pushing the push rod into the cylinder. This will force the air out of the master and into the reservoir.
However, the next time you run the car the heat will cause the same cycle.

I suspect you can get away with just replacing the lower hose and re-bleeding the system. Of course if the lower hose has deteriorated to the degree to be sucking in air the blue supply hose at the top is probably shot

Dan the Pod Guy
Portia's Parts

For clutchline and fluid reservoir:

I have come up with a substitution for the blue hose:

Remote Brake Reservoir Hose, 5/16 inch ID
This hose fits our Remote Reservoirs With Push-on Fittings part #3565 and 3566 as well as the Tilton Remote Reservoir Mounting Bracket (part #3557). It is a direct replacement for the hose supplied with Tilton Universal Master Cylinder Kits.

Be aware that typical fuel hoses are not compatible with automotive brake fluid. This hose is formulated to withstand brake fluid and will not dry out, crack, and leak like fuel hose will.