just finished the races for this weekend. I'll send a summary to Angus to post on the site, but in the meantime I've got a question.
At a certain point in the race, I couldn't shift anymore, the gears got stuck in 3rd and no matter what I did, it stayed in third, even if I shifted into another gear. After I got back to the pits, I was able to put it into reverse and now, the only two I have are reverse and first.

Before I start taking things apart like the gearbox, I was wondering if it could be something else like the gear lever or the connecting rods or something. I think this problem has come up before but I can't find anything on it.
Any advance pore than welcome.

At the bottom of the gear stick, there is a rod going forwards, through an "eye" to a ball joint at the front of the torque-tube. This can fall off when the plastic in the cup goes brittle and crumbles.

You can feel it from underneath, but not see it.