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Book by Brian Long

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From the Porsche Panamera ad.


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928GTS test Bericht

928 Market update Dec 2006

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Advertising form 1979:




Front-engined Porsche 928 coupe coming in 2010?

Porsche may be planning an allnew coupe for 2010, according to a report in the latest issue of Road and Track (subscribe). According to the report, the car will be based on the Panamera Porsche's four-door car, due in 2009. The Panamera and 928 will be front-engined with rear- and all-wheel-drive. Interestingly, Porsche in the early 1990s planned a four-door model of the 928 called the 989, but those plans were scrapped. Pictured right is an artists' rendering of how the new 928 could look. The rear appears to take inspiration from the original 928, with sunken taillights and smooth lines. The 928 was, which was Porsche's flagship model between 1977 and 1995, had a 50/50 weight balance and a selection of large V8 engines. R&T says the 2010 928 will get powerplants ranging from 350 to 550 horsepower. source:

Computer-enhanced image by Larson
Porsche's Front-Engine GT
After stirring up the faithful by doing the unthinkable (building the Cayenne SUV), Porsche is looking to add another model to its lineup that may appease a certain subset of Porschephiles, those long-ignored fans of the 928. Porsche has made no secret that it wants to use its V-8 engine developed for the Cayenne in other models, and a return to a front-engine V-8 2+2 GT, or even a 4-door sedan, is in the cards.
The new Porsche 2+2 would allow the Stuttgart factory to battle back against Aston Martin's DB9 and Ferrari's 612 Scaglietti. Porsche's twin-turbo V-8 would likely pump out 450-500 bhp and deliver that power to all four wheels. Sources say the platform for this car may come from the VW Group, with many pieces common to the Bentley Continental GT, which would help keep costs down. — MDL


Interesting reading about the Porsche 928: Project928Book


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