First of all: fuel leaks do cause engine fires.

When a clamp is mentioned, a professional mechanic with years of experience can explain why a $10 part should be used and not a cheap, soft metal, rust prone, non ASE clamp for a garden hose should not be used.

The "average", beginner, new Porsche (any) owner that occasionally may work on the car and may not understand why there are 10 steps required to change a burned out bulb.

If the typical, "green" forum member had the experience of a skilled professional mechanic it may be possible to suggest the use of clamps, fuel hose and tools needed to complete the work.

The black rubber hose I pictured for the return line has a high pressure strength of 300 pounds max. Since Porsche used a fuel injector hose clamp on the FPR, and the pressure is minimal, clamps can be used on the return line.
Only two companies make the hose-Veritas and Contitech.
The hose must meet current EPA vapor emissions--escaping through the rubber.

The high pressure fuel hose to the FPD is critical.
The hose used with the AN connectors does not use clamps. Clamps could actually cause problems with the connection.

Shark Skin may have used the correct hose & clamps, $10 to $15 and up a meter for the hose.

If you were to just suggest using fuel hose and clamps on the 944s, I know there would be a few owners that would cut corners and use what ever is available or left over in the garage.

This is just my personal opinion and a better answer may come from experienced members like Pauerman (Vic) and others that manufactured fuel hoses.

My "academic" mechanical experience is intermediate---can never know enough.

Thanks for the compliment.

This is a perfect hose from Gates: Gates fuel hose.pdf

Gates Brandstofslang onderdompelbaar.pdf


Special Barricade hose with low emission

Fuel lines for 1987 onwards model

Fuel lines for 1985 onwards model


The high pressure hose to use is a Gates Barricade, inner diameter 7,9 mm. (or 8 when fitted) and outer diameter 14,5. The U-turn hose, #7 in the diagram ( 928 110 271 02 ) is unavailable from Porsche. The new hose is incapable of making a nice U-turn so either more length is required or a 90 degree insert in the middle mist be fitted.

The #10 in the diagram needs to be carefully inspected as sometimes it has a crack in the turn side.

Best type of clamp for fuel hose:


this is for sale at Roger Tyson's 928rsus website: Fuel_line_replacement_928.pdf


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