Here's an interesting link to a document about Fuel Injector Cleaning:  Fuel Injector Cleaning.pdf



Your post sounded as if you still had the LubriMoly additive in the tank at the time of the re-inspection. I had a 928 fail about 4 years ago,
after it had been stored for the winter. I mentioned that to the inspection mgr, and he asked if I had additives. I responded "yes - Techron and

He said it was VERY common for gasoline additives to mess up the emissions. He suggested I drive to run the tank nearly to the bottom, fill
it with 93 octane Sunoco gasoline and bring it back. I did as he suggested, and it passed with flying colors.

That's my experience, Your Experience May Vary!!

Gary Knox
West Chester, PA


I posted the following on the Rennlist Forum a few days ago, thought others who don't frequent there might find it worthwhile.
--------------------------- I recently had two experiences I'd
like to share concerning StaBil as a fuel system and injector cleaner. Both of my 928's have fuel pressure gauges on the passenger side fuel rail, allowing me to get some "real time" data.
1. The auto 94 GTS pressure is about 55-60 psi (pulsating) while the engine is running. Within a few hours after shut down, the pressure nearly always dropped to 10-20 psi, then within a few days could be lower than that. Also, when the car was turned off for ~30 minutes to 4-5 hours, it was slow to start and acted as if it was flooded. Depressing the accelerator somewhat when starting allowed it to start right up.
It appeared to me as if I had leakage in one or more injectors - or the relief valve. I added 12 oz of StaBil to a full tank of gas (based on a suggestion from someone on this list, whose name I've forgotten, and couldn't fine a reference in my short "search" mode. IF you are the one who posted it, please take credit!). Over the next 2-3 weeks I only used the car for short trips. When the "Achtung" indications came on for low fuel, I filled up. From the time of that fill up, this car now holds pressure of at least 45-50 psi for 4-5 days. I always drive the car within that time frame, so don't know how long it will actually hold pressure.
2. My '89 S4 manual is only driven to and from the various Road Tracks in the eastern US. Recently while at a 3 day DE at Virginia Int'l Raceway, I noticed the fuel pressure was dropping to 5-10 psi almost immediately after I shut the engine off when returning to the Paddock (same 50-60 psi when the engine is running). That evening, I bought a 10 oz bottle of StaBil and added it to the tank that was ~3/4 full. I drove the next day (obviously, mostly full throttle and very little idling etc.). The car is only shut off for ~90 minutes, then back to "fun and games" again. By the end of the day, the fuel pressure was holding at ~50 psi for the full 90+ minutes between runs. Same thing the following day. Since then, I've driven the car ~650 miles home and the fuel pressure is still holding at 45-50 psi for 7 days.

Needless to say, I am SOLD on the use of StaBil to clean the fuel system, including the injectors. I don't know whether it cleaned the back of the intake valves or not. I've never had such prompt results from Techron when I've added it to a fuel system. And, StaBil is about 1/2 the price of Techron.
As Ed Ruiz used to say "Your Mileage (experience) May Vary", but I thought my experience might be of interest.

Gary Knox
West Chester, PA


Although I was not aware of it, it apparently is the "Golden Eagle"  product. I've only seen it with the StaBil brand on it in the US. but when
I did a google search, came up with the following web site:

That clearly shows the red "stuff" in the clear container with the pouring neck that is designated in ounces and milliliters.

Cheers, and hope you have a great Christmas season.

Gary Knox