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19p diagnostic connector
This connector fits the 19pin round diagnostic socket in the Porsche 928, 964 and other Porsche mode..
Ex Tax: 43.00€
Door Sill illumination
The Door Sill has a transparent area that can be illuminated and show the 928 model like GTS more ex..
Ex Tax: 68.00€
Hatch lock insert
This is a replacement part for the plastic insert in the receiver part of the hatch lock. This part ..
Ex Tax: 40.00€
Heating valve
The 928 heating system uses a vacuum operated shut-off valve at the rear of the engine. It controls ..
Ex Tax: 41.00€
LH and EZK upgrade
Upgrade for the 1987 Porsche 928 LH eprom or 1987 EZK eprom to 1988 standard, which makes it diagnos..
Ex Tax: 25.00€
MAF grid / strainer
A metal wire grid protects the MAF sensor element and also avoids particles ending up in t..
Ex Tax: 26.00€
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