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83  Date: 2007-05-27 03:14:32
ed weston ( / no homepage) wrote:

just bought my first 928. a 1981. i will be driving back from texas the first of july. will track the mph and let you know. car is canadian so i will do both km and mph.

82  Date: 2007-05-06 23:13:17
Jose Santos ( / no homepage) wrote:

Had a grey market 1984 1/2 4.9l 16v 330hp euro car that to this day brings the best of memories. NOTHING like it!

81  Date: 2007-04-06 03:40:33
joe milbourne ( / no homepage) wrote:

I enjoyed reading on your site Today I bought my first Porsche - a 1993 928 GTS! Wow what a complete auto.

My wife is a little upset with me (I have not taken her for a ride yet) but I know she will be happy as soon as we hit the road.

80  Date: 2007-03-22 21:12:24
Ikke ( / no homepage) wrote:

Zou er alsjeblieft een mogelijkheid kunnen komen om die muziek de nek om te draaien?
Vind het een leuke site met veel info maar houd het zo echt niet lang uit..

79  Date: 2007-03-22 18:09:39
T_MaX ( / wrote:

Good start, lots of good info.!

I would kindly suggest tuning the music off, having less animated gif's and replace the background with something less busy.

But that just my .928 cents worth!

78  Date: 2007-03-21 01:38:19
Herman Koster ( / wrote:

Hi Theo,
Groeten uit Houston, Texas en ja hier ook een 94 GTS 5 Speed. Great information on your website found out the problem to my outside temprature gauge. I did send you an e-mail, best wishes and look forward to hear from you one of these days.
Keep'm rolling.

77  Date: 2007-03-07 08:56:44
Mr. Current ( / wrote:

Lots of great infomation! It's a great start, can tell you put a lot of time and effort into it! Could do with a few less moving things and a plan back ground. Sometime less is better.[img]"[/img] img][/img]

76  Date: 2007-03-02 20:04:51
Gerard ( / no homepage) wrote:

Hoi Theo,

we zijn lotgenoten.......heb zelf ook een GTS uit '94..!
En ook Midnight blue......geweldige car he?

Groet Gerard

75  Date: 2007-03-01 00:27:08
Robert ( / no homepage) wrote:

Great website...lovely 928. All the best from Canada!

74  Date: 2007-01-28 21:02:00
Eric van Rijt ( / no homepage) wrote:

Hello Theo,

Here's the son of the man "Huub" who bought the cherry red 928 S4 of yours.
The car is realy in a good shape, but we (the family)) have decided to sell the car again, cause my father is realy getting to old now for this big GT sportcar. At the and of this week I will place it on the internet (,
Do you know someone fot who wants to buy your former S4?

Regards Eric

73  Date: 2006-12-09 22:48:13
paul ( / no homepage) wrote:

Hallo Theo !
zie ik get goed , heb je een GTS ?

stuur svp een email, ben je adres kwijt ( pc crash)

72  Date: 2006-11-24 02:36:45
gabby valdes ( / no homepage) wrote:

nice webpage. thanks

71  Date: 2006-10-29 02:22:37
andrew neuman ( / no homepage) wrote:

great site, best of luck with new GTS

70  Date: 2006-10-25 01:57:18
Michael McCulloch ( / no homepage) wrote:

Idle hands yeild 928's in need of love!

69  Date: 2006-07-20 08:42:45
Kaka47451 ( / wrote:

I haven't gotten anything done recently. I've just been hanging out doing nothing. I haven't been up to anything these days, but it's not important. Today was a total loss.

68  Date: 2006-07-07 20:56:59
Kaka4956 ( / wrote:

I haven't been up to much these days. Today was a loss. Nothing seems important. I've just been letting everything happen without me these days.

67  Date: 2006-06-28 21:39:08
Hajo ( / no homepage) wrote:


can you send my the picture from your tip ( ) ... I have the same problem :-)

Best regards


66  Date: 2006-06-23 00:40:00
Kaka89921 ( / wrote:

I haven't been up to anything today. I don't care. I've just been staying at home not getting anything done. Basically not much happening right now. Maybe tomorrow. I guess it doesn't bother me.

65  Date: 2006-05-23 17:49:32
Jan Bos ( / no homepage) wrote:

Leuke site Theo! En inderdaad... mijn lievelings Porsche. Je moet volgens mij alleen wel technisch zijn om deze auto's rijdende te houden. Alle respect!

64  Date: 2006-04-29 11:36:29
Theo ( no email / no homepage) wrote:


63  Date: 2006-04-28 20:41:49
sean ( no email / no homepage) wrote:

Theo, hoe kan ik je per mail bereiken? Het feedback formulier geeft een foutmelding bij versturen.

62  Date: 2006-03-23 21:43:55
Rich ( / no homepage) wrote:

love the music- nice site - I have come before to look for info- Thanks for all your efforts- much appreciated
Rich Pierce
Haverhill, MA USA
87 5 banger

61  Date: 2006-01-17 07:44:21
gene ( / no homepage) wrote:

cut pics. keep the faith ! stop by our site some time !

60  Date: 2005-11-29 19:48:46
Brian Maddren ( no email / no homepage) wrote:

Hi great site used it to overcome several problems. I have a 87 928s4. I see judy brater is after a service manual I have a disc as the manual is a 6 book set. Got it form a porsche site in Australia it also comes with the parts list and wiring diagrams.
great work on the site.
Brian Maddren
New Zealand

59  Date: 2005-11-24 02:33:52
Anthony Di Lima ( / no homepage) wrote:

Thanks for your great site. I use it often.

58  Date: 2005-11-23 01:47:58
Bill ( no email / no homepage) wrote:

Just wanted to leave a quick "thanks" for your efforts on this website. I've been a fan of Porsche for years and am the former owner of an old 914. I look forward to owning an "old 928" some day. I enjoyed your "weblog" immensely.

Thanks again.


57  Date: 2005-09-16 03:57:03
judy brater ( / no homepage) wrote:

I am looking for a service manual for a 1983 928

56  Date: 2005-09-05 13:54:13
Marc Caeyers ( / no homepage) wrote:

Nice pictures, I own a 928 Strosek Wide body from 1985. Great and impressive car.
Would you like some pictures?


55  Date: 2005-08-31 19:01:14
Theo ( no email / no homepage) wrote:

if you had just left your email with me ;-)

54  Date: 2005-08-17 21:27:52
Miles ( no email / no homepage) wrote:

Excellent site Theo, just bought my first 928 S4. Would really like more info on that GTE in Johannesburg, never heard of a GTE before.

53  Date: 2005-08-08 03:49:41
H. Clay Lewis III ( / no homepage) wrote:

Thanks for the informative site. I just bought an 89 S4. Some sites on the web seem to suggest that the 928 is only for those that have alot of money to put into constant expensive preventative and corrective maintenance.
while your's shows that regular maintenance is required; it suggests that any mechanically inclined person can do much of the normal maintenance themselves.

Again Thank you for the great collection of info.

Clay Lewis

52  Date: 2005-08-06 18:48:03
Glen ( / no homepage) wrote:

I loved reading about your adventures with your 928. I haven't read all of it yet. I just bought one myself and I will probably find myself reading more about your maintenance challenges.

51  Date: 2005-07-10 21:46:51
chen inbar ( / wrote:

as a father to a 928 s2 1984(1 of 4 in israel) i can understand your love to your car.
i hope you will injoi it for years.
give your s4 hellow from older brother.
chen inbar

50  Date: 2005-06-10 21:30:41
Gary ( GARYOWEN556@HOTMAIL.COM / no homepage) wrote:

Hi Theo, i feel i know you so well due to how much time i have spent on your FANTASTIC website.I have spent hours (so my wife has told me)on here looking for that info you just can;t seem to find any where else. The music is calming ,just what you need when trying to sought out a problem on a 928 s4! I live just north of birmingham in england uk.My car is a 1991 928 s4 my third 928 , as allways cost loads ,but love it to bits. Thanks for a great website .will send a picture as soon as the kids organise it for me? (not great with the computer) thanks again Gary.

49  Date: 2005-06-02 16:47:21
Herman Koster ( / wrote:

I'm originally from Holland. Now in the USA just bought a 1994 GTS [Have owned many other Porsche in the past, one 1990 S4] Enjoyed reading your site. Let talk on Skype sometime, my skype id is - hkim4u -

48  Date: 2005-04-26 00:10:32
Leeman ( / no homepage) wrote:

Have a 86 928s - I read every word on your page, and had a few laughs! I found out the hard way what the "belt tension" light meant, as it costed my $12,000 in repairs (fixed some other things as well). I watched a movie called "Weird Science" when I was 12 and ever since that I made it a personal goal of mine to own a 928. Finally at the age of 29 I had a great job where I could afford one. I love it just as much as you do, I wish we had a autoban in the US... I have to find country roads in Wisconsin. Oh yeah I get that same crap of "hey why didn't you buy a 911" they just don't understand. I love Porsche -- I even have the Porsche symbol tatooed on my right arm.

Take care, thanks for the great article.


47  Date: 2005-04-13 08:57:24
mark beccaris ( / no homepage) wrote:

theo nice site i was after a picture of the zf steering rack. thanks mark.

46  Date: 2005-03-10 06:40:10
Richard L. Greene ( / no homepage) wrote:

Have a 928 S4, bought new in 1988. Has 21,500 original miles, is red, smells new (is new), is a greaatt car. Would like to drive it more, time is a problem.Live in the Greater Washington, D.C. Area in Potomac,Maryland.

Keep up the good work Theo, nice web site.


45  Date: 2005-02-10 14:17:36
Johan ( / no homepage) wrote:

Good page. Im am since 5 days the proud owner of a 928 s4 1987. A real beautiful car with the look of a new one. Searching for something good and beautiful seems to be important.

Greetings, Johan.

44  Date: 2005-02-07 13:33:41
Simon Fikke ( / no homepage) wrote:

Hallo Theo,
Geweldig al die informatie en die mooie plaatjes. Ik heb zelf sinds julie 2003 ook een 928s4
Zijn alleen problemen met mijn stuurhuis.Misschien kun jij mijn daar in adviseren. Groetjes Simon

43  Date: 2005-02-07 05:05:40
darren nicolson ( / no homepage) wrote:

this is the most detailed site ive found i have a 88 s4 silvermetallic black leather a/t 178000 mls work done t/belt intake replaced breathers ect valve covers thanks 2 sites like yours this car runs like new rarely driven though d nicolson perth western australia

42  Date: 2005-02-07 04:58:14
darren nicolson ( / no homepage) wrote:

im in perth western australia

41  Date: 2005-01-21 11:53:02
kari schrey ( no email / no homepage) wrote:

Hello to you

I like your website. I am living in Finland and I drive in summertimes 928S4 car. I like it's timeless and elegant design. Car is very stable at high speeds and you don't realise the speed. I am very satisfied with the car. Some repairs and maintenance is compulsory, but it is not so big thing. I have also few small scale models of 928 and my wife gave silver made model me for a christmas present.

Greetings from Finland to You and to the 928 fans!!!

Grusse aus Finland fur Sie und alle 928 freunde!

Kari Schrey (Espoo, Finland)

40  Date: 2005-01-12 01:43:17
John ( / no homepage) wrote:

I also have a 928 S4 with 242,000 miles all original. This car performs as a 40,000 mile car. I have owned many Porsches and twice that count of other highline cars. The 928 is a serious automobile that you crave no mater what you are driving at the moment.

39  Date: 2004-12-26 16:20:57
George ( / no homepage) wrote:

Dear Theo,
I have very much enjoyed your outstanding website with the artistic arrangements and technical information on the legendary 928's.
In the spring of 2003 I sold my Porsche 944 and purchased a 1988 Porsche 928 S4 with 76,701 miles. The car is all original and with the help of your website and others on the Internet I was able to learn and perform the necessary maintenance work on my car. I also have a 1992 Corvette LT-1, 6-speed, with 7,606 miles but I very much enjoy driving and working on ther 928.I am the third owner of the 928, the second owner purchased the car from his neighbor who was a doctor in Florida. I was living in Ohio when I purchased the car but since then I moved to El Paso, Texas and had the car transported here at the end of Septemebr 2004.
Best Regards and wishing you a Happy New year for 2005.
1988 S4,
El Paso, Texas

38  Date: 2004-12-16 08:31:01
Helmut ( / wrote:


tolle Seite habt ihr hier.
Wünsche weiterhin viel Spaß mit eueren Porsche.

Porsche Freunde Niederrhein (Deutschland)

37  Date: 2004-12-13 05:48:22
Brent ( / no homepage) wrote:

Thanks for the interesting read. I live in Calgary, Alberta, Canada and have purchased an 87 5spd in February with 143000kms. Got the seller to do the timing belt and water pump before I bought it plus cup rims and Toyo's. As far as repairs in twenty plus thousand kilometers this year, the belt has been retensioned and a couple of oil changes. My lock on the drivers side will not engage with the key, but works from the passenger side. Need to get at that over the winter time, plus some other regular maintenance as I do not drive it in the snow. They are a very fun car to drive, unfortunately no Autobaun here to really test with. I am also in IT with an electronics background.

36  Date: 2004-12-03 00:48:37
Richard ( / no homepage) wrote:

Hello from Ireland

928 gts lapis blue 1994

35  Date: 2004-12-02 08:00:49
Ton Schall ( / no homepage) wrote:

Theo, wat een geweldig mooie site! Leuk om te lezen wat je zoal met je 928 doet.

34  Date: 2004-11-30 17:47:09
Marinus Nijman ( / no homepage) wrote:

Dear Theo,

Thanks to your site I can find technical information about my S4 and advice from experts much easier.

Metal Blue Shark Marinus

33  Date: 2004-11-14 13:39:14
Greg ( / no homepage) wrote:

Thanks Theo......I'd been looking for over a year for a 928s4, and visited your very helpful site often. Now she's home and I still visit often.Thanks again, keep up the good work.

32  Date: 2004-11-11 20:33:46
William Morgan ( / no homepage) wrote:

1988 S4 Auto Venitial Metalik blue 66K miles.

31  Date: 2004-11-11 16:34:52
Troy Luckett ( / no homepage) wrote:

Sorry, that was a 1988 928, not a 1998.

30  Date: 2004-11-11 16:30:50
Troy Luckett ( / no homepage) wrote:

I enjoyed reading your web page. I just bought my first Porsche (a 1998 928 S4) last week, and am waiting for it to be delivered next week. It will come to join my two BMWs. You put a different spin on some of the old information I had previously heard, and gave me a lot of new info too! Thanks, a really good site!

29  Date: 2004-09-19 08:24:53
Ove Andersson ( / no homepage) wrote:

I am very impressed !!
You have done a very big and intresting work.
My spelling is not so god, but i have a real genuine 928 hart.

Best regaards from Ove in Sweden.

-89 GT - 48700 km - Turbo 3,6 discs and calipers, Bilstein Club Sport, 17" 265 - 235, Devek headders, RMB, Super Chips, KN-filter,1" lower chassie and 84 lb less weigt, new mirrors, MOMO-wheel and all red mats.

28  Date: 2004-09-16 18:43:31
peder holmberg ( / no homepage) wrote:

nice site for all of us 928 s4 freaks.
perhaps you know whats wrong whit my squeaks when i turn the steering wheel.

27  Date: 2004-09-08 22:01:34
Anthony Di Lima ( / no homepage) wrote:

You have made a great 928 site. I use the tech section often. Thanks, Tony.

26  Date: 2004-08-21 11:33:43
Peter ( / wrote:

Your website very nice!!! See my Porsche 928! :)
Porsche Fantasy

25  Date: 2004-08-15 22:21:06
stisse bang ( / no homepage) wrote:

I bought my 928 S4 3 days ago and I'm very glad i found your site. Hope to get many good ideas how to make my -90 come to mint condition. thanks S.B.

24  Date: 2004-08-11 09:48:57
Marc ( / no homepage) wrote:

Your 928 S$ looks gorgeous!!!

23  Date: 2004-07-27 19:45:52
Ken Muller ( / no homepage) wrote:


Nice site! Good balance on the 928 pictures and the tech discussion. Keep it up.

Dallas, Texas
87 S4 White/Champagne/Auto VIN~0179

22  Date: 2004-07-22 20:09:27
roger goddard ( / no homepage) wrote:

I worked on the design of this car at the Weissach Design centrum, I designed (with pen/pencil, on a drawing board)the inlet/exhaust manifold for the naturally aspirated engine, whilst Rolf Stommeln was honking around the test track outside.The mixture pre-heating bowl was based on my Vauxhall HC Viva manifold!!!Happy days.

21  Date: 2004-07-15 20:05:22
Frank The Hobbit Terveen ( / wrote:

Super Pagina Theo Jammer Dat Ik Hem Nu Pas Zie Want Anders Had Ik Nog Wat Leuke Pointers Van Je Kunnen Krijgen

20  Date: 2004-07-04 07:57:12
Gerhard (Gördi) Klarholz ( / no homepage) wrote:

Very interesting page, nice to meet your site, Theo. Later in real - f. e. Euro2004?
Viele Grüße, Gördi

19  Date: 2004-06-28 12:46:36
R.M.Goldsteen ( / no homepage) wrote:

Mooie page. Heb een 928S4 uitgebouwd naar GTS te koop. Bouwjaar 1991 140dk perfecte staat bij AAP onderhouden alle gegevens zijn aanwezig.
Als jullie iemand weten die geinteresseerd is, dan hoor ik het wel. Groet R.Goldsteen

18  Date: 2004-06-14 21:32:44
Dale R. Beitler ( / no homepage) wrote:

Interesting web site, please keep up the good work. Porsche 928 is techinally interesting. The best to you and your family.

17  Date: 2004-06-12 00:37:37
Ethan Cheng ( / no homepage) wrote:

It's a great pleasure to see someone has the same taste of Porsche928s4, I have a 88 928s4 in black, eventhough it's a 15 years old car, but still charming and shinning...thanks for giving so much ideas, so I can have my 928 a beauty "make up"...

16  Date: 2004-05-31 03:52:02
dimitri ( / no homepage) wrote:

congratulation for the good work!!!!!!

15  Date: 2004-05-07 12:02:33
Batman ( / no homepage) wrote:

Great website. Excellent chroology of events! I don't even own a Porsche-yet.

14  Date: 2004-04-25 18:12:54
Pat Latham ( / no homepage) wrote:

Enjoy your site, just finished reading the front page.. I must say we all share the same feeling when we get behind the wheel!!!! Keep motoring...

13  Date: 2004-04-10 20:29:54
Paul Gotter ( / wrote:

Excellent resource for 928 owners!

Paul Gotter
88S4 auto

12  Date: 2004-04-02 06:51:15
Don Quatacker ( / no homepage) wrote:

I really like coming to your site and looking for tips (sometimes I jump around to listen to the music) I have 2 928's '86.5 and '81, both auto and absolutly love to drive both!! Really want to say I appreciate all the work you put into your site for those of us with the 928 addiction.

11  Date: 2004-03-12 12:51:02
miles chua ( / no homepage) wrote:

i would like to ask your help, i have a porsche 87 928S4 with a stalling problem from idle to 2000rpm. Above 2000rpm its okay, but at idle when you step on the gas abrubtly it stalls sometimes engine stops, you have to accelerate very slow after 2000rpm you can step abrutly without any problem. What do you think is the remedy for these, it starts right away and while driving at D (automatic trans.) you have to baby the accelerator for it to move. CO is also a bit too high and I get back fires when I rev the engine to 4500rpm without load. I am so happy to see and join your website, you have a very good website. I am from the Philippines and I also work on my own cars. Please give some of your opinions and work experince in fixing these problem of mine. Thanks and happy motoring, more power to your website.

Miles Chua

10  Date: 2004-03-02 09:01:06
Frank ( / no homepage) wrote:

Heb ff snel gekeken maar supergaaf gedaan en wat een wereldauto he de s4 en ze racen er nog wel mee nu doe ik alleen de gt3 van bleekemolen gaat natuurlijk ook erg goed 390pk en 1100 kg als je tijd en zin heb moet je is bij een race komen kijken,ook dit jaat zitten we weer in het voorprogramma van de formule1

Groetjes Frank Vermanen

9  Date: 2004-03-02 02:29:14
Randy Stewart ( / no homepage) wrote:

Nice site! I own an '87 S4, silver with 89K miles. After two years I replaced all belts and timing belt tensioner, water pump, A/C controller and heater by-pass valve.I love the car, it still turns heads.

8  Date: 2004-03-01 03:25:32
JOSE J. ROCHE ( CASCA1962@HOTMAIL.COM / no homepage) wrote:


7  Date: 2004-02-29 04:52:57
Nelson ( no email / no homepage) wrote:

This is a great page! Straight to the point with good tips. I live in Australia and there is a LHD 928S4 for sale here so I am very interested. This page helped me alot.

6  Date: 2003-12-28 12:55:16
Jeffrey ( / no homepage) wrote:

Beste 928 liefhebber,

Ik had wat vragen over jou kostenplaatje, metname van het stuurhuis, de automaat en de distributie riemen.

vor de rest erg gaafe site

Met vriendelijke groet,


5  Date: 2003-11-25 09:18:20
Michael ( / no homepage) wrote:

Hi there Theo

Fun stuff to read about - I have a 928s 1981(s2) standard 300 Hp now 360, and I know how you feel about the speed thing...amazing. I also had the idle problem and the window problem and basicly all problems you can have so if you need help send a mail. I had mine for 13 years.

Michael - Copenhagen-Denmark

4  Date: 2003-11-16 04:44:07
kenkeys ( / no homepage) wrote:

928 S4 owner - 1989 model!

3  Date: 2003-10-01 14:24:03
Paul ( no email / no homepage) wrote:

Hallo Theo,
Nogmaals leuke en interesante site over een geweldige auto !

vr gr Paul van Wijk

2  Date: 2003-09-18 15:53:48
augusto pereira ( / no homepage) wrote:

this page is very interesting, thank you, i live in caracas venezuela, and i have a 928s4, in this country only 5 - 928s4

1  Date: 2003-08-31 09:52:17
Theo ( / no homepage) wrote:

Welcome to my Guestbook.