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UDT999 Porsche diagnose tool for all compatible Porsche models: 928/944/968/911/964/930/993. This is a PC based tool connecting via an interface module to the diagnostics bus. The UDT999 is fully featured, offering every feature we have in one package. This includes: LH, EZK, PSD, Alarm, Airbag, Motronic (all versions 944-993Turbo), Climate, PDAS, Tiptronic and ABS. Also we offer multi language support to match your local language (Eng, Fra, Ger, Dut are suplied, one is user configurable). The tool comes with a 16pin diagnostics cable, an adapter to match a 19pin connector, and USB connection. (1987 models require an eprom upgrade for the LH and EZK, 1987/1988 models need the 12p cable option). Ask for our product manual or more information ! We offer 2 year warranty, free software updates via our server and free support via email.


The PDT999 is a handheld version of the DT999. This handheld device is standalone, and uses a backlit LCD display, so it is very portable and versatile. It has nearly all functions of the DT999, so it is compatible with the 928,944,968,964,911,993. A 19pin diag cable is supplied standard. 12pin cable or 16pin cable are optional. We offer 2 year warranty, and free support via email.

Porsche 928 LH ecu repair / rebuild

The 928 LH ecu (injection computer) often breaks down due a malfunction in a hybride device inside the ecu. This causes failure to start, idle problems or very high CO caused by wrong fuelling. We have designed a replacement that will upgrade your ecu and outlast your car. It does make sense to rebuild this unit before it fails on you and causes the 928 to be flatbedded to the workshop for repairs. We provide a full functionality check and 2 years of warranty on our repairs.

MAF repair/rebuild

The Porsche hotwire MAF oftens drifts from specs or does not provide any output at all. This is mostly caused by defective electronics. We offer a repair- and test service. Repair price is based on a rebuildable core i.e. the sensor wire itself is ok. We provide a full functionality check and 2 years of warranty on our repairs.

Fan power stage repair

The Porsche cooling fans in a 928S4 GT or GTS model are operated by a power stage that often fails after many years of service. Symptoms are running full power, one fan always runs full power while the other fails, or fans not running at all. We repair the fan power stage and make it run withing specs again. Repair involves sending in the broken unit and get a replacement unit in return. Two options: have your own power stage repaired, or purchase a repaired one (no core needed). We provide a full functionality check and 1 year of warranty on our repairs.

Eprom upgrade LH or EZK

Upgrade for the 1987 Porsche 928 LH eprom or 1987 EZK eprom to 1988 standard, which makes it diagnostics enabled. We provide 2 years of warranty on this item.

Flexplate clamp

Replacement for the inferior flexplate clamp that links the transaxle. The transaxle tends to slide through the clamp resulting in permanent stress on the flexplate. This permanent pressure pushes the crank towards the front of the car, putting so much pressure on the center (thrust) bearing that it wears quickly and causes the crank to move beyond its limits. This again causes serious damage to the lower crankcase and almost certainly results in an engine failure beyond repair. Replace the clamp by this superior design and prevent this phenomena from happening to your 928 (automatic only, manuals seem not to suffer from this problem). You never have to release the tension from the flexplate again. This clamp will hold the axle firmly, the way is was designed at Porsche. The nice thing of this design is that it's 4x stronger than the original, and it can be installed and removed easily in a DIY environment. Takes a few hours max.

Hatch lock insert

This is a replacement part for the plastic insert in the receiver part of the hatch lock. This part often wears over time causing the hatch not to lock properly and not to open when the electrical unlock feature is used. The wear causes too much play in the lock and thus causing the problems. Replacement with this part is easy. The lock does not even need to be removed from the car. Just remove the old one with a putty knife and insert the new one. Part fits all models.

Door Outer Scraper Seal set

The door windows have an outer seal that is supposed to keep water from dripping into the inner of the door and causing oxidation. The rubber gets hard and stiff, the seal does not work anymore and bits of sand tend to get stuck between the glass and rubber causing scratches. A new seal is required. Porsche supplies new seals but at enormous cost. This offer is for a set of seals to replace the left and right outer scraper seal. It is an aftermarket version of the original, not pre-formed but it can be inserted nicely without any problems. The rubber is a lot softer and the soft inner side felt helps closing the gap between glass and seal. A good alternative for 1/3 of the factory price. Part fits all models. An instruction video can be provided.

LED H1 bulb kit

Update the fog lights to use LED bulbs and have them turned on permanently. That gives the 928 a more modern appearance and increases visibility while driving. This kit contains two very short LED bulbs that have 16 CREE chips producing about 1000 lm ultrawhite 6000k light. It consumes 20% of the normal power. Fitting is like plug&play since the bulbs are super short and have a small diameter.

Door Sill illumination kit

To give the doorstep a stunning appearance one can illuminate the doorsill from below where the transparent letters are inserted. There is very little room for this so a special illumination of less than one mm is needed. This kit provides the illumination based on EL technology, including two little converters for 12v power and some instructions how to connect to the car signal when doors are opening. The kit includes two sets you can equip both doors.

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