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Aspect ratio is the ratio of a tyre's width to it's height. In the past, 100 type tyres were mainly produced, where width and height were the same. Today tyres are getting wider and aspect ratios of 80, 70 and 60 type are more common. Tyre width ratio is represented as the series, so if the tyre has width ratio of 70, it is called 70 series.

Low Profile Tyres

  • What is a 'Low Profile Tyre'?
    The continual development of the motor vehicle, notably engine technology, means that average vehicle performance is constantly increasing and this correspondingly places increased requirements on tyre technology. Compared to conventional passenger car tyres, low profile tyres have greater width ratio to cope with the demands of higher performance vehicles - there are even 35 and 30 series available on the market.
  • Are there any other considerations to be aware of?
    You should remember that if you replace your tyres with lower profile tyres then the corresponding height of the tyres will be also be decreased. Therefore when you replace your tyres with lower profile tyres you may need to replace your wheels with a larger ones.
  • Disadvantage of the wide tyre
    Wide tyres are best for high speed performance. However, the greater contact area between the tyre and the road, the more road noise. With tyre technology constantly improving, this disadvantage is being reduced rapidly.

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