Replacing the cam covers of a S4 GT or GTS is a bit of a hassle with the engine in the car. Especially the right side is a bitch as there is hardly any room to work in. But it can be done if you take your time and be patient.

Here is some helpful information.




The short bolts go to the 4 corners of each cover. Easy to remember. Torque is just 10Nm, so not over tighten. I made a short hex-key wrench (cut off about 1cm) to reach the difficult bolts.

Rubber grommet that seals the cam cover bolt part number 928.104.115.03 

I cleaned and re-used them. Looks ok with no leaks. I replaced the other seals and made sure they stay where they should be. This is especially hard at the right side where you need to move the cover under the hard fuel line and under a notch close to the lifting hook. Btw: the hook is hard to remove so I pulled it a but to the side to make more room.

Best, Theo

1992 928GTS midnight blue