The long parkingbrake-wire bellow fix...
So, just a quick tip for all in here...
Do you have a long right parkingbrake-wire that's working nice and correctly? But you have the middle, unreplaceable bellow cracked? And maybe you don't want to buy a new one for 400 euro's or more? I did have a good wire with a cracked bellow and I constructed a fix for this. This is not in porsche's servicemanual but it works..
I first tracked down two of these stepped Mercury bravo gear bellows..;

These are found all over the internet and are really cheap.

I didn't take any pictures during assembly but here's instructions and pictures of the end result.
1. Cut away the existing cracked bellow.
2. From the M-bellow, cut the smallest flange at the end in half. That also removes the the small endpipe and makes it possible to draw and press the bellow over the mount for the left wire.
3. Grease the wire and the cover from the caliper-end to the flange behind the mount for the left wire.
4. Grease the two M-bellows good internally.
5. Take the small end of one bellow and draw it over the wire all the way past the left mount to the receiving flange. Use a flat and a round nose pliers to draw and stretch the bellow over the left mount. It is VERY tight but it is possible if you use patience and grease.
6. Take the other bellow and draw it with the big side first all the way past the left mount also.
7. As it shows in the pictures you then cut away the bigger flanges from the bellows until you have three flanges on one side and two on the other. This will ensure a good interlock with the different sizes of the flanges when you press them over each other.
This can be done with more flanges to get it longer but I wanted to keep it as close to the original length.
8. Take zip-ties and zip it tightly in each end. I also cut away the ring outside the zip ties for a cleaner look.
9. If you want you can use some sealant on the flanges that goes over each other, but they interlock really well so I didn't use any.