Window Control Unit 928 618 240 00 | 928 618 040 00
I had a problem where there was a delay in the operation of the windows and sunroof and identified this to the control box which has the number 928 618 040 00 in the PET and 928 618 240 00 on the box itself. I drive a 1990 S4 RHD.

I have swopped it for a replacement unit and have full function back and set to finding out the cause of the problem (see photo). It seems the one contact/switch has melted so was sticking. This part connects to the connection with the number "35".

Not knowing if the control box part has just failed or something like a high current to be at fault can anyone shed any light to which window / sunroof number "35" connects to and whether the faulty contact/switch in the control unit can be replaced - and if so what is such a part called.
Just for the record the original unit 928 618 240 00 has all the functionality as described. PET refers to part number 928 618 040 00.
The original part number 928 618 240 00 is not even recognized in the Porsche system.
928 618 040 00 does not have full functionality - windows and sunroof will open and close but the key turned to the right in the door and hatch WILL NOT close the open windows and sunroof.
One push up and down also does not work.
I have a PTech in Germany in an effort to push Porsche to resolve this anomaly
Roger Tyson
f I'm not mistaken the power part of this PCB is like attached circuit.
I just draw this from pictures of both sides of the PCB. I don't actually have such module.
It's the combination R2 / R4 that determines the direction of rotation of any of the motors.
Relay R1 that get damaged is the 'main switch', if it's not powered nothing runs
Ok it has to be activated double compared to the other ones but that can't be a reason for such damage
I think the uC first sets all other relays then initiate rotation by activating R1.

Could it be that there is a bug in part '240' resulting in damaged R1?
Porsche solved it with part '040' and don't want to be reminded of part '240' so they ignore Roger? ?

Anyway: Did any of you found pin compatible relay for the one that get destroyed like in picture of dan-bra77 (R1 and all others since equal)?

Schematics Window controller schematic 1 and Window controller schematic 2