Zermatt Silver, feather Bronze (not bronze at all) and shimmer gold all look the same to me.
As Feather Bronze is not available any more I will use Zermatt Silver.

The correct color code seems to be Zermatt Silver, code: LY7Y
Looks like Porsche used epoxy paint if a rather thick layer.
Duplicator makes some paint that is really close to correct, which i then put clear over. The only problem is that they started selling the color in only small cans and it can be tough to find enough to get the job done.
Dupli-Color "Perfect Match".....Light Almond Pearl BCC0425 (replaces T367). It's a Chrysler color.
I stripped mine and used Duplicolor directly on the bare metal and its flaking off. Bad call.

I (we) used a sprayMAX 1K filling primer on the metal after blasting and a sprayMAX 1K  sprayRAL 1035 Pearl, used a syringe to flow red paint in the PORSCHE letters on the cam covers, and used a sprayMAX 2k blanc paint layer to cover all. Let's see how it holds...

When fitting the cam covers, I used new gaskets for both the cover as the sparkplug openings, and some Dreibond silicone gasket in the corners as instructed by Porsche tech bulletin.