With help of another 928 owner we were able to make another clamp to replace the flimsy original clamp that holds the flexplate to drive shaft.

The original clamp is not capable of holding the shaft firmly and the shaft tends to gradually creep out of the flexplate coupler, causing a permanent pressure of several hundreds kilograms on the flexplate, which it its turn presses against the central thrust bearing of the crank. This eventually wears the thrust bearing causing fatal disaster in the engine. 

This is the new design that replaces the original clamp:



The clamp is made of 800N/mm machine steel, zinc/nickel coated, and uses 3 M8 hex-key bolts of 12.9 strength. It weighs around 650 grams.

It is made in 3 lobes so that it matches the 3 lobes that the flexplate clamp has, and you can evenly tighten the clamp for maximal performance.

The clamp can be ordered in our webshop. Supply is limited.


1992 928GTS midnight blue