The 1979/1986 model 928 (16v) have a distributor with a sensor. That sensor connects via a coax like cable called the "green wire". Why this name? It is simple: it has a bright green color. And what is so special about this wire?

- nothing really, it is a rather simple coaxial sensor wire

- the connection at the distributor side a special. You won't find them anywhere

- the wire tends to get brittle and fail over time, causing ignition problems

- all used ones are in similar condition

- Porsche sells them at astronomical prices

The 911 uses a similar wire which is shorter. Maybe some modification makes it usable for 928. Also 3D printers printing the connector in ABS might be an option.


928 602 907 00
Used 78-84 except the LH Euro cars. Not on any 32 valve. Basically all single distributor cars it sends the signal to the spark TSZ unit tach and brain. The crank timing sensor replaced it for LH cars

-The connectors are the same ones used on the 930 green wire (Part 93060290701). This one is too short for use on our cars, though an extension wire can be used.
-The distributor connector is also found on a Mercedes condenser wire (Part 000-159-61-18, or Bosch number 1-234-431-181). (the other end is a standard connector - the distributor end is the odd one) This is more expensive than our wire, but might be able to find it at junk yards though. (70s and 80s 360s and 450s???)
-If you have the connector for the distributor you can rebuild the wire unit