The Visco-Fan is filled with a special Silicone Oil and when this seeps out there is no force to help the fan spin.
The bearings in the mounting frame can be renewed:

1. 6202 (35mmx15mm)
2. 6301 (37mmx12mm)
Both are 2 RS version


Fan refill attempt attempted and completed. Not tried yet, so standby for the results report.

Here's the activity report.

I snapped the ends off a couple fins removing the bimetallic strip.
It was unnecessary damage, had I known how it was attached.
Next time, I'll remove all silicon calk, then push one end of the strip into the fan more, then, slide the whole strip towards the side being pressed. The fins have a two-stage cutout that allows them to be inserted and removed without bending the strip or breaking a fin.

Used almost one Toyota container. Not sure if it would take more, was getting difficult.

Need some feedback on method. I used a ball fill needle with end cut off. Pressed against a spring loaded internal stop during filling.

Spun fan a bit during fill. Got some back-pressure near the end of each syringe-full, air, pushing some fluid back out. Got most of it in, though.