The MAF removal is pretty easy.

  1. Remove air filter top

  2. Remove the cartridge

  3. Undo two 10mm nuts and one hose clamp at the lower passenger side

  4. Remove the lower air filter house.

  5. The MAF has a large hose clamp that holds it to the lower rubber elbow. Sometimes the clamp is not tight. But if it is tight you can use a long Philips screwdriver from the passenger side to undo that clamp. The long screwdriver fits just just over the cam cover.  If the angle is not so lucky a small (7 or 8 mm?) socket fits the clamp. Best is to reach it from above, it is hard to get to.

  6. Next is lift it a bit (pull out from the elbow, and undo the connector.

ps: reconnect the clamp by tightening it from the passenger side :)

That's all.



The MAF is inserted in a rubber elbow that connects to the intake throttle body: