Low oil pressure can also be caused by a serious leak that occurs when  the last oil passage at the camshaft is open. The shorter camshafts (starting S3 model I think) do not rest at the rear housing of the engine block. The passage should be closed but a pin (two pins) and a rubber insert. If the insert pops out the oil flows freely, dropping pressure at the cams (not so good) and overall oil pressure (even worse). Here are some collected pictures:




the 574 is NOT used on the rubber end caps.

NO sealant is used on the new oil block off pins either they just lay in the holes and the cam caps hold them into position.

It is used on the end cam caps ( the part that captures the cams at their journals) and this is where it contacts the top of the head, so oil wont seep past.

To fit the rubber plugs simply put them in position with their arms and install the cam caps with the 574 a small amount on the surfaces is all that's needed.

Make sure the rubber caps are flat in their bores, they can sometimes get cocked prior to tightening of the cam caps.
After this then use a dab of Honda bond 4 to fill the junctions on the outsides of the cam caps where they meet the head this will assist in the rubber cam cover seal actually sealing.

If you have peeling paint on the cam covers or the gasket groove isn't perfectly smooth then put a bead of the Honda bond into the groove of the cover before fitting the gasket, this will make sure the new gasket wont weep after it sees heat cycles.

don't forget the spark plug seals.

The 10mm bolt can be gotten with a 10mm craftsmen box wrench you may have to fiddle around and possibly bend the box portion so the wrench is straight but the box should just capture the head of the bolt.

The new oil block off pins can be had from Roger, you need 5 of them.

Also don't forget to get the cam cover sealing washers put the washers under the heads of all of the bolts this will compress the cam cover a bit tighter over there entire surface , Roger knows what to give you
The correct replacements for the original plastic plugs are a factory Porsche part.. you need 5 of them. Part no. 928 105 262 00
Also replace the o-ring on the oil check valve and I should be good to go for putting it all back together.