how to "RENEW" cold air stuff

after the last old tread is closed ...about removing cold air stuff, decided to do a little research.

I found an insulation material really similar to that on GTS intake hoses.

found the material here:

for 34,88 euro I got 2 sheets, good to make 2 hoses.

I started from this conditions:


here 's the new material vs old one::

first I removed by hand the terminal silicon parts:

Opened the foam where it was originally glued 22 years ago.

cut the foam about 66cm by 28-28,5cm , more or less the sizes of old foam:

removed the protective paper on the adhesive side and put on the iron spiral:

I rolled the foam around the spiral , at 1cm from the complete turn, I use some pattex/bostik glue, i put some on the edges, wait 10minutes to let dry some solvents and then I make edges to bond each other , and put a paper tape to prevent any movement "backwards". I work on 5 cms per time .
SO now I can put the terminal silicone plug on each end and let dry for 2-3 hours.

After I removed the paper tape and filled the junction with other glue, this time I used neoprenic glue, but vinylic is the same for this purpose.
I put again some paper tape on some points I thought they were not so close...
after 2-3 hours it is done.

Pictures again:

only one thing is missing: holes for Timing belt cover. But the most part is done and I hope this will last 15 years or so.