This is all about oil and ZDDP (Zinc Dialkyl Dithio Phosphate). Very interesting and good reading material.

Please visit  for lot of info about their Zinc and Phosphor ZDDP product and ordering.

Here is a few docs I keep as a backup in case the info would become unavailable at time.

TechBrief1 - Introducing ZDDPlus.pdf

TechBrief2 - ZDDP and Cam Wear - Just Another Engine Oil Myth.pdf

TechBrief3 - Lubrication Terminology.pdf

TechBrief4 - Oil & Additive Testing.pdf

TechBrief5 - Racing Oil as a Replacement for SM Oil.pdf

TechBrief6 - Diesel Oil Use in Classic and High-Performance Gasoline Engines.pdf

TechBrief7 - Oil Additive Dosing and Dilution rev4.pdf

TechBrief8 - The Automotive and Oil Industry vs. the Aftermarket Viewpoint on ZDDP.pdf

TechBrief9 - ZDDP and Oil Filters.pdf

TechBrief10 - Oil Base Stocks.pdf

TechBrief11 - Internal Combustion Engine Lubrication.pdf

TechBrief12 - ZDDP and Engine Break-in.pdf

TechBrief13 - Oil Viscosity.pdf

TechBrief14 - ZDDP and Pre-WWII Engines.pdf

TechBrief15 - Extended Oil Change Intervals.pdf


And this is in Dutch:

Info over ZDDP in Olie voor klassiekers.pdf