I did manage to figure out the wire locations in the connecter housing based on the wiring diagram in the WSM. The cruise has never worked properly since I bought the car years ago. I just assumed nobody had been inside that plug before..... I was wrong !!! Several of the wires where in the wrong location in connecter housing. Anyway I repositioned the wires to the proper location and plugged it into the cruise control brain box. The dang thing works now !!!
Anyway for anyone else having odd trouble with the cruise, I wrote down the wire color codes and location number in the 12 pin plug

Positions 1,2,4 are blanks in my 1983 plug
Position 3 = white
position 5 = double black wires
position 6 = Black/red wire
position 7 = brn/blk wire
position 8 = brn/blk wire
position 9 = yellow wire
position 10 = blue wire
position 11 = brown/red wire
position 12 = brown wire

Note there are two brown/black wires in positions 7 & 8 If you have trouble with the pin 7&12 test procedure in WSM. (not proper voltage reading ) swap these two with each other and it should test OK.