Sealing and closing the valve cover


These are the rings that are required at points 'B'

For a 1987-1995 model for each side you need:
1x Gasket valve cover                         928 104 447 09     VICTOR REINZ 71-27392-00
4x Seal ring Sparkplug hole                  928 104 443 08     VICTOR REINZ 71-27159-00
13x Rubber plug for valve cover bolts    928 104 115 02


It can be hard to place the cover with the seal attached. Some sticky silicone grease helps. But this trick (by Schocki) also works:


Place the cover with the seals attached and gently remove the tie wraps when the cover is on the head.

regards Theo


sealing compounds:



Dow Corning 730 solvent resistant sealant.pdf


Der Dichtring hat die Porsche Et.-Nr.: 900 123 144 30 oder bei VW/Audi N 013 8112. Es funktioniert aber auch eine normale Alu-Dichtscheibe aus dem Zubehör. Innendurchmesser 10 mm, Aussen ca. 13,5 mm und 1 mm Materialstärke. (by Schocki)