Pictures as promised -- and more details.

Step 1: dissasemble alternator
Step 2: replace bearings
Step 3: assemble in reverse order

Just kidding... The pictures explain a lot of the dissassembly, and I found my little slide hammer came in quite handy -- both to pull off the front retainer waster (which has a step on the back side, so it'll have to go back on correctly) and to remove the rear bearing.

The front bearing was a bit harder to remove, I was able to just budge it by tapping with a hammer and a large screw driver -- then I remembered a puller I once bought for a pitman arm on a steering box. That did the job as nice as could be!

Ah, but even before getting that far (don't you like directions out of order?) I had to separate the two case halves of the alternator. That was easy, but because the "electronics plate" is wired to the back, there is a very limited range of motion. But I was able to kind of tilt it back and away just enough to unscrew the 5 or 6 screws that hold it to the back housing.

And even before I got to that step, I had to take off the voltage regulator and the plastic insulator under the terminals... Of course I had to take the front pully off, too.

So, now that I'm at the begining of the project, let me give you links -- I found this guy on ebay (I have no affiliation with him, and his products might be junk for all I know, but they're cheap, and he got them in the mail in less than 24 hours):  The two bearings were $5-something plus $4 shipping.

The voltage regulator I ordered from Auto Parts Warehouse (I have no affiliation with them either, but have placed many orders from them in the past and had good experiences -- plus shipping is free over $50): http://replacement.autopartswarehous...lator&dp=false

I'll take pictures when I go to put it together and let you know how it goes.



I got that alternator back together. It went together nicely -- the Turkish bearings were a perfect fit.

Here are pictures of the reassembly process.

(I poked around on that back plate with my multi-meter a bunch, but still wasn't really sure what I was looking for... so it seems all is fine. once I get it installed, then I'll be able to test it.)

Speaking of the installation, removing the old one from the engine compartment is no small chore (on a turbo). There was another thread about the complexity of removing a transmission, and frankly, I'd rate an alternator change as more difficult than a tranaxle. I really know my way around these cars, and I'd say it took almost 3 hours to get the alternator OUT!

Enjoy the pics:

32mm bearing: 6201-2RS 6201-ZZ Radial Ball Bearing 12X32X10
47mm bearing: 6303-2RS 6303-ZZ Radial Ball Bearing 17X47X14 ??? Maybe not correct !!