The intake hose cracks with age, and especially the GTS intake hose which is sort of insulated deteriorates badly over time.

By the way, the original intake hose is super light weight.

The hose of a S4 fits and is still available.

These is a nice alternative to the Porsche s4 hose is a combination of a few hoses that Mercedes uses.

Part: Air Intake Hose
Part #: B2000-15637
Our Price: $6.45

Ok, need to buy 4 tubes and 2 and 3" (76mm) Blue or black Silicone Hump Couplers.

From a ML560 SEL


Fils MB model M116 or M117
'90 560 SEL

The Mercedes 560 intake hoses coupled together with a few inches of 3" silicone hose was not a precision fit.

Mercedes Benz 117 094 03 82
13 5/8" long (35,6cm), 3 1/4 (8,2) and 3" (7,6cm) ID, smooth on both ends with three bellows sections 2 1/4" (5,7cm) long, with 1 1/2" (3,8cm) smooth sections between them. Trimming off most of the smooth large end section puts a smooth spot very close to the TB vent so a hole is easy to cut.

They are Mercedes Benz tubes. They are cut after the 3rd set of rings and a silicone tube is used for additional flexibility.

This is what it looks like in my engine bay.




This is the coupler with a buffer for movement. It is a matter of taste I think...


Another option is this:

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1,3 mtr afzuigslang H-102 doorsnede 76 mm.

Wij kunnen u als volgt aanbieden :

1,3 meter DETROIT SLANG vgls. onderstaande specificaties in de maat 76 mm.


De prijs voor afname van 1,3 meter is euro 35,00 per meter exclusief BTW.

Levering : vracht op rekening, ca. euro 12,50 euro
Levertijd : uit voorraad
Prijzen : exclusief BTW
Betaling : in overleg
Opmerking : aangezien wij de H102 op dit moment niet op voorraad hebben
Bieden wij u deze slang aan. De detroit slang is in alle opzichten beter
Dan de H102.

Wij vertrouwen erop u hiermee een passend voorstel te hebben gedaan en zien uw
Reaktie met belangstelling tegemoet.

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