be aware, this plug breaks easily and is tightened with no more than 5Nm !! It seals on the O-ring on the stem, not by tightening.

I think you should use quality tools to undo the drain plugs (bolts at the block) and use an anti seize  lubricant to prevent them from getting stuck, a anti seize like Optimoly TA. Copper should never be used on these bolts. In due time, the copper will react with the aluminum and corrode or even eat the threads. It is a silent killer....

It helps to keep the cap on the coolant reservoir so that the coolant flows slowly and does not spill all over the place. Nevertheless, I always have to do a garage cleanup just after draining the fluid... :)

One trick I learned. Degrease the area around the engine plug a little. Take some thin carton board or similar and some painter tape. Stick the carton with tape on the cleaned area so that a path is created to guide the fluid. Remove the plug and wait. The coolant will follow the path you created which dramatically reduces the spilling all over the place. It takes maybe 10 minutes for the coolant to stop dripping.