Hi, I had my car over to the shop for annual inspection, and I was told that they noticed abnormal swelling of the brake hoses when put under high pressure. Obviously that is not good. So I decided to have new ones at all four brakes. Browsing the internet, I decided for those Goodridge braided steel hoses. The have a teflon or similar inner lining and braided steel on the outside to reinforce and protect.

Well, the set for my Porsche 928 GTS was the Goodridge 1985-95 Part No SPR0300-4 It looked awesome, and seemed a perfect fit at first. The crush washers at the from were not supplied, so the banjo bolt was way too long. But that was solved by the supplier as a matter of courtesy. Fine.

The left rear was a bitch. The special flare-nut wrench that I used (required!) was able to crack the nut free from the rubber hose connection, but it was stuck on the steel line, unable to turn. Using some force made the steel line turn instead of the nut. And you can't just put some strong vise pliers on that line. There is no way that you can replace that hose properly without this 11mm nut turning properly. hmmmmm

So it took some careful heating (not to have the oil inside boil and create extensive pressure, or burn the undercoating), more than a bit of WD40 like stuff to spray every 15 mins, tap carefully in the little nut, and maybe 1000 times turn the nut just a little left and right. Finally it started to turn. It took a few hours though.

Replacing the brake lines, and bleeding it was not too hard. A good tip is to remove the links that hold the exhaust to the chassis by a rubber ring. That frees up some room and is easy to do.

Final result: it looks awesome. Braking feels almost the same however, maybe just a bit harder but not much.

Regards, Theo


Read the labels that came with the Goodridge brake hoses:





• Each G-Stop Goodridge brake line kit includes all hose ends and line brackets to fit your specific year, make and model

• Crafted from corrosion and abrasion resistant braided stainless steel • Unlike stock hoses, Goodridge G-Stop brake line kits eliminate volumetric expansion, so say goodbye to "mushy brakes"

• Installing brake lines requires some technical expertise - if you're not confident in your ability, please seek professional installation

• Reduces stopping distance and virtually ends ABS pedal chatter • G-Stop brake lines are pressure tested to 3,000psi for the ultimate in safety and performance

• All Goodridge G-Stop brake lines are DOT Certified and T.U.V. approved

• Your G-Stop Goodridge brake lines are backed by a Lifetime Warranty Description Replace those mushy rubber stock hoses with braided stainless steel performance brake lines. Whether you're flying around a turn at the local track or just going for groceries, G-Stop brake lines offer better performance and greater safety.

Not only does the stainless braiding eliminate volumetric expansion, the root cause for spongy braking, it also reduces obnoxious ABS brake chatter. What's more, these Goodridge brake lines will significantly shorten your stopping distance.

The G-Stop kit sets your vehicle up with Goodridge break lines on every wheel. All the necessary hose ends and brackets are included, so installation is straightforward for the do-it-yourselfer or weekend mechanic.

Of course, with a name like Goodridge, you can count on the kit being D.O.T. certified and T.U.V. approved. And, your G-Stop Goodridge Brake Line Kit is backed by a Lifetime Warranty. Goodridge Goodridge offers the widest range of high performance hose and fittings in the world. What’s more, they have a complete range of pre-assembled stainless steel brake line kits to fit almost every vehicle on the road. Plus, Goodridge brake line kits offer sharper, firmer braking than standard rubber hoses, and reduce overall stopping distances.

Since the early-70s, Goodridge has been delivering the highest quality brake lines and flexible hoses to the automotive and racing world. You’ll find Goodridge parts on everything from NASCAR and Formula 1 cars to performance street machines. Additionally, Goodridge is the choice at the OE level.


Here's a closeup of a flare nut that ius used to connect the steel brake lines to the other bits: