This is a set for 928 up to 1986 model. Later models are different!


Wire sets are wire sets, there is a range of quality obviously but the fancy shielded bla bla sets are all hype. Just buy a good silicone 8mm set and be happy. Me, I run a $40.00 set made for a Chevy engine with all 90deg spark plug boots, tossed out the plastic plug spacer (just more to go wrong), cut to length and re-used the old distributor end connector and boot. Oh and they're red to match the car!

Mark Grasser


928 wire sets are not standard silicone 8mm sets...

Standard USA sets are resistance "wire" - usually a graphite-impregnated fiberglass string, with about 2-3KOhms per foot of wire.

928 wires are wire, with a tiny fraction of an Ohm per foot, and a resistor built into the plug connector.

The cheap USA wires will sorta work, but don't match the Porsche specs very well.

Wally Plumley
928 Specialists


You sound a little like a sales person this morning. I will admit I didn't know they were solid wire with the resistor in the plastic plug connector but which is better, a wire that then connects to a plastic adapter and then the plug or a wire that connects strait to the plug for one fourth the price? And then you go and call them "cheap" USA wires. Knowing what I know today are you sure those Porsche wires aren't made right next to the cheap USA wires in the Gaungdong factory?