GTS Bulb table        
Function  Wattage  Specification  Format  Socket
Headlight 60/55 W  Headlight bulb  H4  1R + 1R Ρ 43 t-38
Aux driving lights 55 W  Headlight bulb  Η 3  YC PK 22 s
Rear fog light with back light 21/4 W  Twin filament  ECE-R 37  BAZ 15 d
Side- and additional indicator lights 4 W  Side light bulb  Τ 8/4 (HL)  ΒΑ 9 s
Back light & side marker lights 5 W  Round bulb  R 19/5 (G)  BA 15 s
Number plate light 5 W  Soffit bulb  C 11/L  SV 8.5-8
Interior and luggage compartment lights, footwell lights 10 W  Soffit bulb  C 11/K  SV 8.5-8
Glove compartment light 3 W  Soffit bulb  C 11  SV 7-8
Indicator, brake, reversing light 21 W  Single filament  Ρ 25-1 (RL)   BA 15 s
Engine compartment light 10 W  Round bulb  R 19/10 (G) BA 15 s
Cigarette lighter 2 W Instrument bulb  BA 7 s
Illumination switch lights, clock 1.2 W  Instrument bulb  WT5/1.2 W 2x4.6 d
Combination instrument illumination 1.2 W  Socket bulb  90 mA  
Combination instrument illumination 1.5 W  Socket bulb  110 mA  
Combination instrument illumination 2 W  Socket bulb  150 mA  
Door guard lights 2 W  Side light bulb  Τ 8/2 (H)  BA 9 s