I remember seeing somewhere in the shop manual a reference to a device that will disable the tail light bulb warnings. I believe it "shorts" or bypasses a couple of connections. Does anyone know anything about this device? I am switching to LED's for all my tail lights and turn signals (turn signals are using an electronic flasher relay instead of the stock unit) and I want to avoid the nuisance warnings I would get with the LED's. I still get them anyway with the correct bulbs (yes I checked the top mounted brake light as well).
There are some interesting "wide angle" LED bulbs available at www.superbrightleds.com if anyone is interested. I have been using their LED's for pod switch lights with great results and I am currently replacing all warning lights and turn signal indicators in the pod.

If anyone can shed any light on the bypass device I would greatly appreciate it.

Carl Lindberg

1986.5 928S 5-speed (with the LED's I guess it is now a hybrid?) 1980 928 5-speed



The warning light is triggered in the control unit by the little black box on the end of the passenger's tray. The circuit uses a time delay to determine if the time to light one side of the car is the same as lighting the other. In theory the circuit should work with a balance LED system as it would with incandescent light bulbs.

The Central Warning unit under the dead pedal works on a ground circuit. In the case of pad sensors it gets an open circuit signal. Looking at the wiring diagram you are looking to interrupt the signal to pin 20 on the Yellow plug on the control unit. This wire is white with red stripe. I am just guessing that if this wire was open (disconnected) you would never get the signal that the lights are out.

Dan the Pod Guy
Portia's Parts