Hi guys,
A shout from the sidelines. I have a 1990 928S4 that has sat in the garage for about a year. It had a little less than a half a tank of gas. Due to the new
CT emissions, I took it out this Saturday. It started right up with a jump. It did not pass or fail emissions as the computer in the shop kept cutting out.
The guy at the shop said could be due to car sitting, so I should run it a little and come back another day.
Last night I took it out it was running great. I was waiting outside a shop with the car on, it was surging a little bit but all gauges were reading normal. On my way back home all of a sudden the car started sounding rough, very little power and the gear changes were very rough. Got home looked under the hood everything looked normal, no unattached spark plug wires arcing away.
I took it out on the highway and the max it would do is 70 mph and would not go any faster with the throttle all the way to the floor.
Any suggestions, maybe the trans is cooked? The car idles good and revs freely all the way, but does not have power under load. Car has 107k.
All help is appreciated.


Thanks to Marc, Theo, Dan, Jim, Gary & David for responding. Don & Gary hit the nail on the head. I put some dry gas in the tank and the car is running perfectly, at least on short trips. I have not taken it out for any thing longer than 5 miles. I will let everybody know if the problem returns, otherwise thanks for all the help.