Curiosity sent me out looking for information with regards to injector cleaning. This article was written with the service technician in mind, to help make them aware of the benefits of off-car fuel injector servicing.

It also talks about injector cleaning equipment from 3 major suppliers.

The place Tom F. mentioned,  uses the New Age machine for their servicing.

Just stuff to store in the vault of information; hopefully to be used one day.

John Fagerlund
'89 GT


I just finished a major intake job and had my injectors serviced by Marons.

$23.95 per injector. I was very impressed with the speed that they turned them around for me, they had them all completed within 24 hours and shipped back. It's amazing how different the cars feels, needless to say all 8 injectors were dirty and had a 10% difference in the flow rate between them, plus they were all flowing less than optimal (46 cc/min). Now they are all within 1% and flowing at 57 cc/min. Hope I remembered those numbers correctly.

In my book - well worth it and a noticeable difference.

'88 S4 5spd.


I send mine to rich at cruzin performance in Michigan ( ) i've had him do 3 sets for me and the turnaround is great, work is great and price can't be beat +/- $100 for all 8.


Andrew & Karen wrote:

Pat McGinnis wrote:
I've been having my injectors done by Accurate Technical Services LLc for $88 a set of 8.  in Doylestown, PA)

And .


Use Sta-bil fuel stabilizer instead. An off-road racing enthusiast turned me on to this stuff as a way to get the gunk out of my racing moto carbs.
He suggested I use it rather than any of the other stuff that doesn't seem to make much difference and he was very right on. Used it in my Honda Hawk with great results. My Jetta-motored VW was having some throttle hesitation issues. Traced it to the fuel system, so before I took it to the shop for a full on F.I. checkup, I added a 10oz bottle of Sta-bil and drove it through a tank of gas.. Problem gone!
I must have bought 25 bottles of Techtron (or it's equivalent) and never felt much improvement after using it. This fuel stabilizer, however, had worked for me twice in two tries...Your local TrueValue hardware store, in the chainsaw department. Or perhaps the garden shop and the Lawn mower section..
Don Hanson


This is a set that fits the 1985/1986 928. The later models have a different (larger) lower seal ring.

The above seal kit contains all the interchangeable sealing parts of the injector.
Additionally this kit also shows the filter element inside the injector. To remove the filter element form the injector, use a 4mm drill and turn that by hand. Gently take the filter out of the injector. It is very important to work as clean as possible.