Does anyone have any information on this part #? 944-105-949-00

This is supposedly a chain tensioner rebuild kit for my 1987 928.
My Porsche dealer said none in stock in the US and could not say what was in the kit and no images were available.

Has anyone ordered this kit?
And why does it have a 944 prefix?
Sam Lowry

The tensioners are available as a complete unit for both left and right side. They cost 200 euro approx each (32v version). Only the upper side glide pads are available and cost about 10 euros. I don't have part numbers at hand at the moment, but I'm sure you do.
Let me know if I can help.


Thanks for the reply . The part # 928.105.347.01 is from the LOWER plastic rubbing block on a 944S chain tensioner. The UPPER plastic rubbing block # 928.105.509.01 is available here in the US, but the lower is not. Since the plastics part numbers start with a 928 prefix I am guessing that it might be contained in a 928 tensioner rebuild kit. I have heard that the heads are the same or similar between the 944&928. If I can locate a source for this part I would like to acquire a bunch of them. even if as a kit.

I noticed for your other reply that only UPPER pads are available to you. That is the same problem here.
I guess the the only solution is to call a Porsche parts dept and see if that lower part number is contained in the contents of kit # 944-105-949-00 [although the prefix is 944 it is a kit for a 928]. I bet it will contain the all elusive lower plastic. I called Porsche here and the parts guy said there are no kits in the entire country so he has no way of inspecting the contents.

If I would not be too much trouble perhaps you e-me the telephone # of a Porsche dealer there and I could try that way.

Sam LowrySam,

I'm thinking that maybe only the upper ones wear out over time but I'm unsure since I've no experience with this one yet.
Here is the link to some of the Porsche dealers over here. Any of them should be able to answer the questions....if they are in a friendly mood. Its quite common that we speak a bit of English over here, so communicating to them should not be a problem.,3159,,00.html

There's also some useful non-official-shops links on my webpage (links section).

Here's some links to a 944 sites that you might find useful. Its in German but pictures tell a story too.

'88 928s4 cherry red
The Netherlands

Found some information on the cam chains available, it seems the STD Iwis chain was used by Porsche as original.

IWIS is the Original Manufacture for Porsche.

We have pictured all three side by side. There is a visible and measurable difference between the IWIS chains and the Bilstein (Febi).

The difference in appearance and weight between the IWIS Racing chain and the OEM IWIS chain I cannot detect with the naked eye. Our scale is unable to measure a difference. Now there very well maybe a difference in the metallurgy.