At 05:35 PM 3/9/2004, Chris @ C4M wrote:

>I'm under the impression that there exists a wiring harness "plug" (for lack of a better word) that can be installed on my 86.5 928S in order to reduce power consumption while the car is off for long periods of time.
>If so, how do I obtain such a plug (and where do I install it)?

I answered this some time back, saying that I was not aware of such a plug.
Chris responded by pointing me to a passing reference in the '86 tech ref booklet (part of Jim Morehouse's tech info CD package).

"Cars with burglar alarm have an adapter plug on the burglar alarm wire harness for long distance transporting, to reduce power consumption during transportation.
Adapter plug must be removed prior to delivery to customer."

I then started looking for such a plug. So far, I have found two different part numbers.
928 612 474 01 "Bridge for cars without anti-theft device"
928 612 091 00 "Bridge - Anti-theft device"

Page 97-227 shows a "Plug Bridge Series" on the alarm system, operating the coil for the EZF (Ignition) relay.

Since I have never seen either one of these, your guess is as good as mine at this point. But, it does look as if there may be a plug to bypass the alarm system.

The wiring connections that actually kill the car are different in different years. The early years appear to kill the fuel pump relay thru terminal Z1 and Z6, while the later cars appear to kill the ignition relay thru terminals B23 and F25.

Wally Plumley
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