As some of you know, I have been struggling with a no-start problem on my 81 auto. At first I thought fuel pump/bad relay, but when I jumped the 30/87 I could hear the pump operating. Horn worked, headlights, windows, radio and it was a relatively new battery so I was stumped for awhile.
Got a lot of good ideas off the list and I tried some of them. I cleaned the battery cables, pulled the relays and sanded the contact points, replaced the fuses (even if they looked fine), checked power at the started and still nothing. Dried out the fuse box (thanks dan taylor) and still nada. Took the battery to Auto Zone and said it was showing 11 volts. Bought a charger for $60.00, hooked it up and.........she fired right up! Still not sure what the problem was, but I imagine I stumbled upon the solution thanks in large part to the help I received on this list. So to those of you who responded, I thank you and hope I can return the favor some day.



The fuel injection computer brain seems to need about 10.8 volts or so to function below that it just does not want to do its thing . Low voltage also may not provide sufficient power to magnatize the relays and switch on
things like brains fuel pumps ignition system .

Jim Bailey