Time to do the timing belt on my newly acquired S4. What is the group wisdom as to the type of sealant that must be applied on the bolt that goes into the water jacket for the belt tensioner? Much thanks in advance.



Not sure what the consensus is on this topic...however-

Be very careful when removing the bolts that hold down the water pump. I would highly recommend also purchasing a tap to clean out all of the holes and using new bolts during the re-installation. I used the copper based anti-seize during re-assembly on the bolts.

Good Luck!

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Absolutely what Jay said! I broke one bolt, I have heard of people breaking several. If the bolt feels at all abnormal when turning, do it VERY slowly - out 30 degrees, or whatever feels ok, back 90% of that, back and forth.. slowly. Much more efficient than breaking one. Also new bolts, and a plug tap to chase the threads, and a lube/sealer on them.

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I disagree with both John and Jay. For the one bolt that threads to the water jacket, use a non-hardening thread sealant, such as Permatex #9 Tack and Seal. If your rebuilding your tensioner (highly recommended), you should either replace the adjuster bolt with a new one from Porsche, or use this same thread sealant on the forward threads (the new Porsche will come pre-coated with a hardened sealant). If you miss this step, the tensioner oil will slowly disappear.

On the water pump bolts, I don't recommend taking a tap to the threads, but I'd recommend cleaning each bolt hole and bolt with a degreaser or solvent to remove any dirt or grease. Also don't recommend anti-seize on the threads, just the shop manual required torque. If the water pump pump bolts are corroded, then replace them with new. The new bolts should come with washers if you buy them from Porsche. Good luck.

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>Does anyone know of the top of his or her head the torque spec. for the water pump bolts on an S4? Thanks much.

comes under "all remaining bolts and nuts " (bolt size ) m6 gets 8 +2 Nm ; m8 gets 20+2 Nm ; m10 gets 40+5 Nm ......Ft lbs is .7376 times the Nm Jim Bailey
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