I'm in the process of hooking up an ARM-1 A/F meter and a V-1 Radar detector, and would like to avoid using scotch blocks. I just did an alarm-ectomy and got rid of about a dozen of the things, and would like to keep it that way.

I'm looking to run some 12g wire with an inline fuse to a six terminal remote fuse block, which is rated at 150 amps, and has slots for six BUSS fuses. I would very much like to mount the remote fuse block under the driver side of the dash, and power my accessories off it. My only question is where to draw the power from? I'm looking for a power source that switches on with the ignition. Ideally, I'd like to get it right at the fuse panel so as not to overload any circuits Any ideas?

Adam Birnbaum
'88 S4 A/T

First, you don't need 12 gage wire and 150 amps for any normal accessories.
Second, there is no ignition-switched circuit on a 928 that will furnish anywhere near that much power.

For the accessories that you have now, you can pickup the small amount of power needed in several places.

One possibility is to check the unused fuses, and see if the fuses are now powered, and if so, whether they are bus 30 (unswitched battery power) or bus 15 (ignition-switched power). If you find a suitable fuse socket, you can pick up unfused power with a jumper wire, or you can go benind the panel and hook up to the load side of the fuse, which would be by far the best.

On the '88, you have two good possibilities. Fuse #9 is unused, and is on bus 15. You should be able to pick up power at the output side behind the panel. If you don't have rear A/C, Fuse #13 would also be available. Power from there probably could be picked up on terminal H12 at the bottom of the panel.

Wally Plumley
928 Speialists