Nearly all the relays have a " diagram " on the side which shows the operation and numbers for each pin on the relay . Looking at the bottom of the relay each pin is numbered . Being electromagnetic switches they use a coil winding of extremely fine wire to create a magnetic field which pulls the contact points together "turning on" what ever device the relay controls. That would be a simple relay , Porsche could not leave it at that so often has more than one way to energize the magnetic coil or multiple ways to cut the power to the coil windings .

The ABS relay 928 615 124 01 on the fuse panel board is a simple one , pin 30 and 87 being the main power circuit to run the device (ABS) the pins 31-15 energize the magnetic coil which then pulls the points together to complete the circuit for 30-87 . By using a short insulated jumper wire you can bypass the relay by plugging two spade terminals into the two slots on the fuse relay board which correspond to pins 30-87 for that relay . Be very sure that you identify the correct slots . The ABS to be functional needs to know the speed of each wheel and if any one of the sensors , connections or wires fails it shuts off and triggers the warning light . There are two relays mounted on top of the ABS unit in the left front fender , under a cover, behind the splash shield , in front of the left front wheel , partially visible from under the hood , near the Power Steering reservoir .....take a deep breath now .

Jim Bailey
928 International