This shows a list of alarm conditions that can happen on a 1988 Porsche 928s4.

Conditions are in to categories:

Severity I: Flashing indicator along with flashing dash indicator signal. Don't drive the car.

Signal cannot be reset by pushing dash push button

Severity II: Indicator is on, but can be reset by pushing the buton. This will not work when hand-brake stays on.

Severity Problem Indicator Aux indicator Action to take
I (flashing) Brake fluid is low Indicator mark on reservoir Stop NOW. Check level and fill up
I (flashing) Oil pressure Indicator on dash shows pressure low Stop NOW. Check Oil. Take it from there.
I (flashing) Oil level Dip stick Stop NOW. Check Oil. Take it from there.
II (steady on) ABS system not working   Check
II (steady on) Worn brake pad (s)   Check
II (steady on) Hand brake is on   Push hand-brake lever down complete
II (steady on) Coolant level Indicator mark on reservoir Check
II (steady on) Coolant temp Indicator on dash shows high temperature  
II (steady on) Low on fuel Indicator on dash shows low fuel Fill up at nearest station
II (steady on) Washing fluid level   Fill up at nearest station
II (steady on) T-belt tension   Check Tension A.s.a.p.
II (steady on) Stop (brake) lights   Check A.s.a.p.
II (steady on) Tail lights   Check A.s.a.p.