Hey Gang-

Thought I'd share a couple of possible helpful tips for the Intake dive.

When you remove the Intake, after the fuel rails are removed & the throttle cable is popped off the Throttle Linkage, I set my Intake up on a couple of rolls of duct tape, one on each side between the Intake Runner and the Heads. The allows me to remove the vacuum line underneath that goes to the air pump discharge valve as well as the electrical connector for the Idle/WOT switch.

When you get here, about all that is left is to get that #%^()* Idle Stabilizer electrical connector off (hopefully in one piece!). Since my hands won't fit in there very easily, I opted to separate the Throttle Body from the Intake by removing the 4 bolts (2 each side). These bolts are torqued to ~20 ft-lbs. and maybe a bit stubborn, but they will come out. Once this is done, you can remove the Intake from the engine while the Throttle Body sits in the 'valley'. Now you can gain easy access to the Idle Stabilizer electrical plug!

When I installed the Intake - with the Throttle Body attached to it, the same &##@&) electrical connector is a bit of a challenge. What I finally found to work fairly easily was to use a mechanical finger tool (~12" with a flexible shaft). Grip the electrical connector at the base where the larger rubber boot begins, paying close attention to the orientation of the connector. Then laying literally on the engine and looking under, you should be able to locate the Idle Stabilizer and using the Mechanical Tool, shove the connector on fairly quickly (and easily).

Just my experiences...hope it helps someone.