My son's new '87 (Tony's former car) seems to have a small leak at the base of the brake fluid reservoir where it attaches to the master. He thinks it may have loosened when he went over a very rough set of tracks and really shook the car up. Anyone know how this attaches and what to do to seal it?

Jim Morehouse


Hey Jim
I think it is sealed via the rubber grommet/ring at the base? how it goes in and out I don't know?

i think that is the part.



As it happens, I just removed my Brake Fluid Reservoir last night. It "just" pulls out, straight up. It takes a pretty good pull to get it, but it does come. The service manuals say to replace the two rubber grommets that make this push-fitting each time you remove the reservoir. I see from Tony's post below that they are only U$2 ea., not too painful, but obviously you'll have to drain the reservoir first and then bleed everything after..
The manuals mention that when replacing the reservoir it should go past two detents in the grommets to assure proper sealing.


Eric Buckley


If you are very careful when replacing the grommets and pour a bit of brake fluid into each one you can push the reservoir back on top and refill with fluid with out bleeding but it is a good time to bleed them as you are putting in new fluid .

Jim Bailey